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What Is Escape The Room Boston

What Is Escape The Room Boston

Are you thinking of trying out the escape room challenge but don’t have an idea on how to go about it? Well, this should not worry you as this article is a perfect guide in explaining more about the escape room game in Boston and some of its general features. It is indeed a great experience getting some time to enjoy with friends, colleagues, or even bond as a family.

What is an escape room

During a team building session at Boda Borg Boston, Aaron Busay, Frank Urso and Dave Waxman of the Harvard School of Public Health begin thier quest through the "Superrannan" room, the most difficult quest in the facility. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

The escape room is some puzzle whereby you are retained in a place with no way to escape, and the only way out how is your friends or family gets you out by solving out the puzzle. The game can be made in different versions, with some displaying some reality features.

Features of the room escape games

•All versions of the game are team-based, and you are supposed to work as a team to solve the puzzle. The number of people teaming up should, however, not exceed 12 members.

•The escape room game entails a storyline whereby one of the characters has to escape, and the other members of the team will help you leave. The unit can solve the puzzle using clues based on the storyline.

•There should be a theme in which the story flows. For instance, the topic you choose should match with the character or what the game is all about. The rooms should be decorated based on the theme.


A puzzle may include letting a particular person in the group find a hidden object or even filling a crossword. It could also involve matching some letters, figures, or even placing some physical objects together. You will, therefore, be required to think quickly to get through the challenge.


The escape room game is such an exciting experience that can help you bind with your family and would thus be a great choice to consider if you are looking for an activity that will bring you together.