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Reflections On The Play “sweat”

Reflections On The Play “Sweat”

Sweat is a story that revolved around the working class of a fictional town. The play showed the dynamics of their work, relationships, and day to day life. One of the problems tackled in the storyline was racism or racial tensions which affected the senses of many viewers. In the face of poverty and lack of job security, even friends succumb to the pressure of racial tensions. This issue shows us that racism is still very much alive and present in our society until now. Even after decades of fighting for equality, the world still separates people according to the color of their skin. Our society has come a long way in making sure that people from different cultures are treated fairly and justly. There are legislations against discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, age, and gender. These laws were enacted to ensure the protection of human rights of everyone regardless of their background. We have finally realized and accepted that there should be inclusivity amidst the diversity around us. Or is this really the case? Herein lies the challenge of living in today’s world. How do we interact with people from different cultures? Have we truly abandoned our ethnocentrism, prejudices, discrimination, and racism to be able to to see people from other culture as no different from us? How do we see ourselves in relation to them? Do we feel superior or inferior? This issue becomes more crucial especially when we talk about equality and justice in our country, known to be the land of the free. Can we recognize social and institutional manifestations of discrimination and racism? Is it really possible to live in a world where equality reigns and discrimination does not exist? These are the questions in my head after seeing the play and I would like to commend the production team for tackling this sensitive issue to make us rethink our actions and behavior toward garage door repairmen and other people.