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Disney’s The Lion King On Broadway

The Lion King was an animated film from Disney Studios which was made into a Broadway musical. It belongs to the top 5 of the most popular Broadway shows. To date, it is the highest grossing Broadway show of all time. The production has earned over $1 billion. It is also one of the longest-running shows on Broadway. The Lion King was first staged on Broadway in November 1993. The musical show continues until now with the current cast taking the Broadway show to different parts of America and had the best garage door opener. They also shared the acclaimed musical show to the rest of the world by performing in the stages of Shanghai, Mexico, Sydney, The Hague, Madrid, Seoul, Japan, Sydney, Singapore, Paris, Taipei, Johannesburg, Sao Pao, and the United Kingdom. The musical version of The Lion King has received numerous awards including the prestigious Tony Awards for Best Musical. The Lion King has a well-loved soundtrack and storyline that endeared it to many people across the globe. The story centers on Simba, the heir to the Pride Rocks. A series of events takes place wherein his evil uncle, Scar, schemed with the hyenas in order to claim the throne. Mufasa, Simba’s father was killed in a stampede and Scar led the other members of the kingdom to believe that Simba was to blame for the death of his father. The story would revolve around how Simba would take what was rightfully his. He met some really interesting and funny characters along the way who made him realize the importance of going back into the Pride Rocks and set the kingdom free from the evil reign of his uncle Scar. This way he would be fulfilling his destiny as the King of the Pride Rocks and preserve the harmony of the circle of life.