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Disney’s Beauty And The Beast On Broadway

beauty and beast

One of Disney’s most beloved animated films has also found its way in Broadway. Beauty and the Beast belongs to the top 10 most popular Broadway musicals of all time. The production asked for custom garage doors as part of their props. It ran from April 1994 to July 2007 with a total of 5,461 shows on the acclaimed Broadway stage. It is the story of a prince that was put on a spell by an enchantress because he was selfish and arrogant. The Enchantress turned the prince into a beast. The Enchantress also put the entire castle on a magic spell. The only way to break that spell would be for the prince to truly fall in love with a girl before his 21st birthday and have his love reciprocated. The Enchantress put a charmed rose inside the castle which would continue to bloom until the prince’s 21st birthday but when the last petal of the rose falls down and the prince hasn’t known true love by then, he will stay as a beast and the spell on the castle will remain. It so happened that Belle’s father was lost in the woods and found himself in the castle which enraged the Beast. He imprisoned the old man. Bell searched for her father and found him in the castle. She begged the Beast to let her father go and make her his prisoner instead. The Beast agreed and made her promise to stay in the castle forever. Belle found the Beast to be stubborn and difficult to get along with. But through time and with the help of the enchanted servants of the castle, Belle saw the other side of the Beast. The Beast was also captivated by Belle’s beauty and personality and the two fell in love and the spell on the castle was broken. The Beast turned into a handsome prince and they lived happily ever after.