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Best Drama

Do not miss out on this year’s best drama on the Broadway stage. Fresh from its run in the Public Theater, we bring you Sweat on Broadway. Sweat Broadway is written by the award-winning writer Lynn Nottage and directed by no less than Kate Whoriskey.

Excellent production

They are supported by an excellent production staff that made sure that the scenes are true to life. Sweat has earned good reviews from notable sources such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Time Out New York, Los Angeles Times, Deadline, The Huffington Post, The Wrap, Star-Ledger, and The Record.

Pulitzer Prize

This tandem also brought to us the play Ruined which earned a  Pulitzer Prize. The cast of Sweat Broadway includes James Colby, Khris Davis, Johanna Day, Rashad Edwards, Benton Greene, Hunter Hoffman, John Earl Jelks, Steve Key, Deirdre Madigan, Will Pullen, Reza Salazar, and Lance Coadie Williams.

Great Story

Sweat follows the story of a group of friends who are working in a factory in a fictional town in America. As friends, they share their secrets and moments of happiness and fun in and out of their workplace. But conflict arises when the owners decided to conduct layoffs and the workers found themselves in picket lines to fight for their rights and very existence.

Sweat Broadway is making waves!

Sweat Broadway is making waves because of its gripping storyline which exposes the emotional, social, economic, and political realities of our time. It gave us a vivid picture of poverty and the life of blue-collar workers. These workers sweat it out on the factory floor and yet, with the snap of a finger, they can lose their jobs which they need to support themselves and their families. It exposed the implications of the workers’ condition on their capacity to stand up for their rights and fight for job security. It touched on the impact of racism and racial tensions that are still present in our society. Some are able to relate it to the political situation in America which makes it even more interesting. It comes at a momentous time in America when tensions run high because of these very issues and their implications on our lives.

Open every day at 6pm

Sweat Broadway opens its custom garage door Tempe every day at 6 pm. The show runs for 2.5 hours. Please be advised that children 4 years of age and below are not allowed inside the theater.  Tickets can be purchased at the ticket booth outside of Studio 54. 

You can also buy your tickets online through this website by clicking on your preferred show schedule. For online purchases, there is no need to print your tickets. Just have a copy of your confirmation receipt on your phones and you can show it to our theater attendant.

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What critics says?

"This heartfelt play with moments of humor has captivated their hearts and mind. It made them think and appreciate the sweat and hard work of others and rethink our attitudes and relationships. It’s time you watch it too!"
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