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Sweat Broadway: A Captivating Drama About The Realities Of Life

Captivating Drama

Do not miss out on this year’s best drama on the Broadway stage. Fresh from its run in the Public Theater, we bring you Sweat on Broadway. Sweat Broadway is written by the award-winning writer Lynn Nottage and directed by no less than Kate Whoriskey. This tandem also brought to us the play Ruined which earned a  Pulitzer Prize. The cast of Sweat Broadway includes James Colby, Khris Davis, Johanna Day, Rashad Edwards, Benton Greene, Hunter Hoffman, John Earl Jelks, Steve Key, Deirdre Madigan, Will Pullen, Reza Salazar, and Lance Coadie Williams.  They are supported by an excellent production staff that made sure that the scenes are true to life.

Sweat has earned good reviews from notable sources such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Time Out New York, Los Angeles Times, Deadline, The Huffington Post, The Wrap, Star-Ledger, and The Record. Sweat follows the story of a group of friends who are working in a factory in a fictional town in America. As friends, they share their secrets and moments of happiness and fun in and out of their workplace. But conflict arises when the owners decided to conduct layoffs and the workers found themselves in picket lines to fight for their rights and very existence. Sweat Broadway is making waves because of its gripping storyline which exposes the emotional, social, economic, and political realities of our time. It gave us a vivid picture of poverty and the life of blue-collar workers. These workers sweat it out on the factory floor and yet, with the snap of a finger, they can lose their jobs which they need to support themselves and their families. It exposed the implications of the workers’ condition on their capacity to stand up for their rights and fight for job security. It touched on the impact of racism and racial tensions that are still present in our society. Some are able to relate it to the political situation in America which makes it even more interesting. It comes at a momentous time in America when tensions run high because of these very issues and their implications on our lives.

Sweat Broadway opens its custom garage door Tempe every day at 6 pm. The show runs for 2.5 hours. Please be advised that children 4 years of age and below are not allowed inside the theater.  Tickets can be purchased at the ticket booth outside of Studio 54. You can also buy your tickets online through this website by clicking on your preferred show schedule. For online purchases, there is no need to print your tickets. Just have a copy of your confirmation receipt on your phones and you can show it to our theater attendant.

The critics have spoken. This heartfelt play with moments of humor has captivated their hearts and mind. It made them think and appreciate the sweat and hard work of others and rethink our attitudes and relationships. It’s time you watch it too!

Reflections On The Play “sweat”

Reflections On The Play “Sweat”

Sweat is a story that revolved around the working class of a fictional town. The play showed the dynamics of their work, relationships, and day to day life. One of the problems tackled in the storyline was racism or racial tensions which affected the senses of many viewers. In the face of poverty and lack of job security, even friends succumb to the pressure of racial tensions. This issue shows us that racism is still very much alive and present in our society until now. Even after decades of fighting for equality, the world still separates people according to the color of their skin. Our society has come a long way in making sure that people from different cultures are treated fairly and justly. There are legislations against discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, age, and gender. These laws were enacted to ensure the protection of human rights of everyone regardless of their background. We have finally realized and accepted that there should be inclusivity amidst the diversity around us. Or is this really the case? Herein lies the challenge of living in today’s world. How do we interact with people from different cultures? Have we truly abandoned our ethnocentrism, prejudices, discrimination, and racism to be able to to see people from other culture as no different from us? How do we see ourselves in relation to them? Do we feel superior or inferior? This issue becomes more crucial especially when we talk about equality and justice in our country, known to be the land of the free. Can we recognize social and institutional manifestations of discrimination and racism? Is it really possible to live in a world where equality reigns and discrimination does not exist? These are the questions in my head after seeing the play and I would like to commend the production team for tackling this sensitive issue to make us rethink our actions and behavior toward garage door repairmen and other people.

Disney’s The Lion King On Broadway

The Lion King was an animated film from Disney Studios which was made into a Broadway musical. It belongs to the top 5 of the most popular Broadway shows. To date, it is the highest grossing Broadway show of all time. The production has earned over $1 billion. It is also one of the longest-running shows on Broadway. The Lion King was first staged on Broadway in November 1993. The musical show continues until now with the current cast taking the Broadway show to different parts of America and had the best garage door opener. They also shared the acclaimed musical show to the rest of the world by performing in the stages of Shanghai, Mexico, Sydney, The Hague, Madrid, Seoul, Japan, Sydney, Singapore, Paris, Taipei, Johannesburg, Sao Pao, and the United Kingdom. The musical version of The Lion King has received numerous awards including the prestigious Tony Awards for Best Musical. The Lion King has a well-loved soundtrack and storyline that endeared it to many people across the globe. The story centers on Simba, the heir to the Pride Rocks. A series of events takes place wherein his evil uncle, Scar, schemed with the hyenas in order to claim the throne. Mufasa, Simba’s father was killed in a stampede and Scar led the other members of the kingdom to believe that Simba was to blame for the death of his father. The story would revolve around how Simba would take what was rightfully his. He met some really interesting and funny characters along the way who made him realize the importance of going back into the Pride Rocks and set the kingdom free from the evil reign of his uncle Scar. This way he would be fulfilling his destiny as the King of the Pride Rocks and preserve the harmony of the circle of life.

Disney’s Beauty And The Beast On Broadway

beauty and beast

One of Disney’s most beloved animated films has also found its way in Broadway. Beauty and the Beast belongs to the top 10 most popular Broadway musicals of all time. The production asked for custom garage doors as part of their props. It ran from April 1994 to July 2007 with a total of 5,461 shows on the acclaimed Broadway stage. It is the story of a prince that was put on a spell by an enchantress because he was selfish and arrogant. The Enchantress turned the prince into a beast. The Enchantress also put the entire castle on a magic spell. The only way to break that spell would be for the prince to truly fall in love with a girl before his 21st birthday and have his love reciprocated. The Enchantress put a charmed rose inside the castle which would continue to bloom until the prince’s 21st birthday but when the last petal of the rose falls down and the prince hasn’t known true love by then, he will stay as a beast and the spell on the castle will remain. It so happened that Belle’s father was lost in the woods and found himself in the castle which enraged the Beast. He imprisoned the old man. Bell searched for her father and found him in the castle. She begged the Beast to let her father go and make her his prisoner instead. The Beast agreed and made her promise to stay in the castle forever. Belle found the Beast to be stubborn and difficult to get along with. But through time and with the help of the enchanted servants of the castle, Belle saw the other side of the Beast. The Beast was also captivated by Belle’s beauty and personality and the two fell in love and the spell on the castle was broken. The Beast turned into a handsome prince and they lived happily ever after.